About us – only the best for the humans best friend

At LivanoPET® we try to set standards. Our products are all developed in collaboration with German labaratories and specialists in the pet food area.
As a FDA registered company, we are proud to say that even though we source the ingredients on a global basis, all products are manufactured in the United States after GMP Standards.

Our aspiration is to constantly work on new products, enhance technologies and ingredients to stay ahead of time.

We do not provide mass-marketed, cheap pet products that don´t get results. Our Mission is to deeply care about pet products, develop safe, natural and effective food in highest quality and directly supply the marketplace with something the costumer can trust and love.

The whole Team including the founders care passionately about pets and are pet owners with a special relationship to their best friends. During the years why we build the feeling of responsibility to provide them with something that enriches and lengthens the connection between people and their pets as their is a close relation between consumption of nutrients and wellbeing.

Thats we we believe we every body needs and deserves high-quality building blocks for life’s adventures.

America´s dogs new favorite!

We do not just own our pets, they are part of the family. Created by pet parents for pet parents.

To say we are passionate about dogs would be an understatement. We are dog lovers and proud doggie parents! We believe that when you get a dog they become a member of your family and as their humans, it is our responsibility to provide them with a happy and healthy life. It is that belief coupled with the pride we take in delivering effective, high-quality dog products that make LivanoPET truly special. Beside that our goal is to build a strong community of animal loving people worldwide.

We at LivanoPET believe that company only have a chance at true greatness if they are driven bei there mission: to provide premium dog products, to give back to animals that need it and to build a global community. The whole team has absurd that thought and that is want we work on passionately everyday.

We could not be more thrilled to share it with you; our team is eager to work on product improvements everyday. To find key ingredients, to work one unique selling points, to produce with the right and advanced technology and to get the ingredients working actively with the pets cell system below the skin.

Our desire of responsibility to to provide premium dog food and to contribute to the better comes from our past story

For us, it is always day one and the costumer is our center focus. We just want to satisfy and be the best we can. Daily, we push forward on our mission to contribute to dogs, their parents and society.

Due to the fact that mother nature has created a procedure during millions of years that has optimized the compound nutrients, we stay as close to natural ingredients as possible. As a result one of our the main focuses of our research department is to idolize that original source. We avoid using artificial ingredients and connect it with the essential additives as the body digests and utilizes it better as it increases the bioavailability.

Because of our premium-aspiration to ourselves, we only create products for pets and their owners that want to fuel themselves with a special quality and that are only satisfied with the best! (CEO LivanoPET® )

But we do not only care about your pet. Another ambition is to provide an exceptional customer service. If for any reason you are not happy with your LivanoPET® purchase, we will work with you to resolve the issue to your complete satisfaction or provide you with a full refund. We hope and we are confident that you´ll be happy being our long term costumer, but we´ll take care of you if you consider the purchase as not right for you. It´s one of our promises and we´ll make everything very simple for you!

Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have so please don’t hesitate to reach out! We can be reached at contact@livanopet.net