Our Story

The name Livano comes from the german-american grandfather of the companies founder who were very close to each other. He owned several dogs since his early years and grew up in the the mountains of the triangle Germany, Swiss and Italy. Due to the fact the was always lively and loved everyone, people gave him the nickname Livano.

He fed his dogs slightly different than the other people and that was the reason why his dogs were always the fittest, even in that time. Livano´s idea was to go out in the natural habitat and only feed the best ingredients that are natural organic and freshly harvested. Vital, high-quality food as well as a variety of special herbs and plant ingredients in combination with the purest mountain water was his secret. Even later on when he moved to the Swabian area called Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

After getting his education the founder of Livanopet and still being compared to his grandfather he decided to continue his grandfathers legacy by going professionalizing the formulations, focussing on his vision to go global and with the production the initial products and later expansion.